The experience gained by the company over many years, and an undisputed quality of the product and service offered, make Siderinox the Italian and European reference point in the production of welded stainless steel tubes.

Siderinox steel tubes

Over 50 years of manufacturing

With a strong focus on the development of the territory, always considering the human resource first

Over half a century of quality, values and social initiatives

To combine efficiency and productivity with an open vision to the needs of the surrounding world

Over 50 years of research and technological development

To ensure products and services that live up to the high expectations of our customers

SIDERINOX annual production reaches 15,000 linear km of product, equivalent to the distance between Milan and Sydney.

Siderinox steel tubes


More than ever before, today is essential to protect, ensure and enhance – through internal assessment systems and an ongoing technological updating of machinery – relationships with customers, suppliers and collaborators who place their trust in us.

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